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Our department can quickly register any type of company that you want. You can then consult with our advisers to select type of company and then apply for its registration.

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Iran, a signatory to the International Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property (also known as the Paris Convention) and in December 2003 the Madrid Agreement and the Madrid Protocol is a party to the international

company registertion in free zones

and increasing employment. This has facilitated trade and industry areas and invest in them enjoying a large reduction in formalities such as customs, banking and financial

Branches and foreign representatives

In order to form branches in Iran, you have the following to the registration record company, located in Tehran will send. Copies of the original should be a legal obligation by the nearest consulate of Iran

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HADAF LEGAL INSTITUTION, with more than 35 years of professional experience,' is ready to provide the best services in the fields of Company registration and company changes, legal regulation, the minutes record companies, recording and evaluation of buy and sell Brands .We provide our Services with maximum quality and speed And our company knows the value of your trust . In this specific website, we have the experience of all users, lawyers, scholars and other prominent individuals and entities have been used as much as possible, appropriate information to be used

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